Cumberland County Positive Youth Development Data Walk

In 2013, the Walter Rand Institute conducted a Data Walk for roughly 100 members of the Cumberland County Positive Youth Coalition (CCPYDC), a juvenile delinquency prevention effort staffed by the WRI. Through this presentation, the Coalition’s workgroups were presented census and demographic data, as well as juvenile crime and education statistics, with the intention of using this information to guide future juvenile crime prevention initiatives.

At the March 2016 CCPYDC meeting, WRI began the first of three 2016 Data Walk presentations, which provide updated census and demographic data, as well as analysis of data related to juvenile crime, youth employment, and education.  To collect this data, WRI worked with stakeholders and community agencies, including police departments in each municipality in Cumberland County, the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office, the Cumberland County Department of Workforce Development, and high school administration at each school district in the county. Additionally, WRI obtained research from the New Jersey Department of Education, the New Jersey Department of Labor, and the New Jersey State Police. Using this information, CCPYDC workgroups will continue to develop efforts and initiatives that are data-driven and centered on community specific protective and risk factors noted through the Data Walk.