Michael Moynihan (Managing Partner, TC Associates LLC) has Chaired WRI’s Advisory Board for the past two years, and is preparing to step down from the role at the October Annual Meeting. He is a long-standing Advisory Board member who first came to WRI through his work with the United Way of Camden County. Mike recently spoke to our staff about his time with the organization. “I’ve always enjoyed being attached to academia and WRI operates in a great point of intersection between disciplines. This role is one I’ve been dedicated to and my experiences—from working with the staff to the community of South Jersey as a whole—have been both gratifying and enjoyable.”

During Moynihan’s term, the board made significant progress. Notably, the role of the board was defined with greater clarity by developing operating bylaws and standing committees. Special attention was given to recruiting new board members with cross-sector expertise (i.e. private, nonprofit, and public). All these developments took place alongside the board’s standard, supportive roles in fundraising, networking, policy guidance, and promotion of the Institute’s mission and vision.

After his term as board chair, Mr. Moynihan plans to stay on WRI’s advisory board and hopes to serve on one of the standing committees, while using his spare time for meals with his family and a few extra rounds of golf. WRI thanks Michael for his years of continued service and wishes him the best in his personal endeavors.