The Cumberland County Positive Youth Development Coalition (CCPYDC) brings together stakeholders from a number of sectors including education, law enforcement, social services, faith-based institutions, and youth serving organizations, in order to reduce juvenile delinquency and prevent those already involved in the juvenile system from becoming involved in the adult criminal justice system.

Normally, the Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs provides technical assistance to CCPYDC by facilitating and organizing meetings, building relationships with community stakeholders, researching and identifying community needs, connecting organizations with resources, and working together with Coalition Members to come up with data-driven initiatives throughout Cumberland County.

However, on August 2, 2017, WRI staff members will be taking on a new role by hitting the streets and hosting the second week of Play Streets in Bridgeton, NJ. Play Streets is a program in which a residential street or suitable location, in an urban area, is closed to cars and opened to children residing in the city, so that they can play safely in their community.

WRI will be hosting the Fun and Fitness themed day of Play Streets. Staff members will be engaging the children with old school activities like three-legged and potato sack races, in addition to jump rope, kickball, four square, chalk, sand art, and many more. The event is from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM at the Riverfront Park in the great city of Bridgeton, NJ.

Come on out and see staff members trade in their dress clothes and computers for gym clothes and jump ropes!  

More information about CCPYDC is available at