Southwest Council, an organization working to reduce the misuse of drugs and alcohol in southwest New Jersey, has launched anti-drug coalitions in Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem counties and is partnering with WRI to provide strategic planning. 

The coalitions include:

For GRASP and SCRATCH, WRI will conduct an extensive analysis to better understanding the current data and challenges, and devise strategies that align with present (and potential) opportunities in the region. For each county and municipality in the coalition footprint,  WRI will provide demographic and economic profiles, map multiple facets of the substance abuse challenges, and provide information on prevention factors. WRI will assist with a logic model for each coalition that outlines clear goals and helps to aligns strategies with success. Over the course of the project, WRI will also strengthen the coalitions’ overall capacity to use, plan, and track progress with data–enabling them to pinpoint issues more efficiently and alter  interventions effectively.