In 2012, Community Education Building (CEB) was formed to create an environment of educational excellence for Wilmington’s children. The CEB community is formed by students, caregivers, partner schools, donors, Board members, and Wilmington-area community partners, and we are looking to continue our growth through our shared commitment to support student achievement in the classroom and beyond.

In June 2019, CEB initiated a vision alignment project in coordination with WRI with the goal of strengthening current partnerships, identifying and resolving barriers to student success, and driving investment in future expansion and growth. CEB, in partnership with Kuumba Academy and Great Oaks Charter, sought honest and constructive feedback from community members through this process. Parents, teachers, select students, and school and building staff were asked to share their expertise and perspectives through interviews, focus groups, surveys, and working group meetings. This feedback and data collection period took place from late June through August 2019. During September and early October, CEB vision alignment plan—detailing collaborative initiatives based on the collected feedback— was developed and shared with CEB community, along with a framework for assessing progress in implementation. The vision alignment process also provided important insights about developing metrics of success moving forward and how best to describe CEB to external audiences, all of which are critical to moving the shared goals of the organizations that make up CEB forward.