In January 2019, Bloomberg Philanthropies announced that Camden, New Jersey was named a Bloomberg Philanthropies 2018 Public Art Challenge; receiving $1 million in funding a public art project that will transform sites plagued by illegal dumping along major transit corridors into dynamic art spaces, inspiring residents and attracting visitors. The goal of a “A New View” is to encourage residents to combat illegal dumping of household and or industrial waste through education efforts and public-private partnerships, including art installations and creative programming at several sites along Camden’s rail, road, and bike routes. As part of this effort by Coopers Ferry Partnership and Rutgers-Camden Center for the Arts, WRI serves as the local evaluator; collecting quantitative and qualitative data to show the project’s impact on illegal dumping, as well as civic pride, community development, government collaboration, and public-private partnerships.

Just this week, the project announced the art finalists that will participate and create in the city of Camden. Meet the artists.