The Cumberland County Department of Health has secured a New Jersey State Department of Health grant to administer and expand their Overdose Fatality Review Team. The Cumberland County Overdose Fatality Review Team (CCOFRT) aims to reduce opioid misuse and overdose fatalities in Cumberland County through a comprehensive analysis of information from a variety of partners. The County will conduct a multi-faceted assessment to better understand the factors which contribute to overdose and substance use disorders, and using this information, improve its substance use and mental health case management and services to reduce overdose fatalities.
WRI will serve as the County’s research partner from October 1, 2020 to September 1, 2021 and will 1) facilitate the collection and assessment of over 170 variables from a variety of partnering agencies, 2) help assess trends, gaps, missed prevention opportunities, and provide service recommendations, and 3) enhance local stakeholders’ working relationships and cross-agency collaboration and conduct program implementation and outcome assessments.