Harvesting Data to Inform Solutions

Data is critical to good policy and effective practices, not only for stakeholders but for anyone that needs to make informed decisions affecting people’s lives. In each of our focus areas, we gather timely data into a digestible formats to build capacity in organizations and communities, as well as help stakeholders make informed decisions on policy and practice.


South Jersey’s Data Hub

  • We collect, clean and display a wealth of publicly available data and track variables for trends over time
  • We gather and provide rigorous scientific evidence, both qualitative and quantitative
  • We build upon the regional knowledge base of population health, criminal justice & public safety, and community and organizational development
  • We make accessing and understanding data easy with visualizations, tools, and dashboards

Research, Evaluation & Planning

  • We develop appropriate data questions from stated problems
  • We identify current and needed data sets
  • We collect and analyze data to extract a meaningful answers or solutions

Technical Assistance & Training

  • We facilitate data scans to identify issues
  • We analyze local data and translate findings to produce evidence-based conclusions for stakeholders
  • We evaluate short-and-long term needs for data, programs and processes for efficiency and impact
Have a specific data question or need? Reach out to us at wrand@camden.rutgers.edu