Elijah Sumners

Research Assistant Elijah is a senior at Rutgers studying Political Science with a double minor in Africana Studies and Writing. In the Summer of 2017 he helped develop an educational nonprofit based in Trenton called HomeWorks, an after school boarding program for underserved girls in the city and currently serves as Director of Community Outreach. … Continue reading Elijah Sumners

John Pinsky

Graduate Research Assistant John Pinsky (Jack to his friends) is a graduate student pursuing his Master of Arts in Psychology at Rutgers University – Camden. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Franklin and Marshall College where he mentored undeserved youth at the local high school throughout his four years there. He also has … Continue reading John Pinsky

Carla Villacís

Graduate Research Assistant Carla Villacis is a first year student in the MA Experimental Psychology Program at Rutgers University–Camden. She obtained a B.A. in Romance Languages from Bowdoin College, where she also studied Psychology. Carla has applied her language skills through experiences teaching abroad and in translation services, including clinical evaluations. Most recently, Carla worked … Continue reading Carla Villacís

Jocelyn Mosman

Research Assistant Jocelyn is a law student at Rutgers University–Camden. Originally from Texas, she moved to the north to originally purse her Bachelor’s degree at Mount Holyoke College in English and Politics. She plans to pursue a career in international human rights and immigration law. She hopes to one day work as an advocate for refugees … Continue reading Jocelyn Mosman

See, Anthony

Anthony See graduated at Rutgers University–Camden pursuing a degree in Computer Science. He is experienced in multiple programming languages (Python, C, and HTML) and works with multiple digital arts programs for Graphic Design and Video Editing. Currently he is working at Lockheed Martin as an Associate Software Engineer. as2242@scarletmail.rutgers.edu

Jorge Carvalho Pereira

Jorge Carvalho Pereira is a Rutgers graduate with an MA in Psychology.  His research interests focus on understanding the developmental influence and contributions of protective and promotive factors (such as early parent-child relationships and individual biological processes existing within early childhood experiences) and how they relate to developmental sequelae.  During his time at WRI, Jorge collaborated … Continue reading Jorge Carvalho Pereira