Jorge Carvalho Pereira

Jorge Carvalho Pereira is a Rutgers graduate with an MA in Psychology.  His research interests focus on understanding the developmental influence and contributions of protective and promotive factors (such as early parent-child relationships and individual biological processes existing within early childhood experiences) and how they relate to developmental sequelae.  During his time at WRI, Jorge collaborated … Read more of Jorge Carvalho Pereira

Anino, Celestina

Celestina Anino graduated from Rutgers-Camden in 2017 with a MA in Criminal Justice.  During her time at WRI, she worked on the following projects: Live Healthy Bridgeton Coalition, Planning study for ending food insecurity in Bridgeton City, and the Youth for Success Evaluation.

Boehmcke, Caitlin

Caitlin Boehmcke holds an MA in Criminal Justice from Rutgers–Camden. She served as a facilitator to the Greater Bridgeton Area Breakout Group for the Cumberland County Prevention Project. With an academic background in sociology and work background in education, her areas of interest include alternatives to incarceration for juvenile offenders and the efficacy of various re-entry and … Read more of Boehmcke, Caitlin

Clayton, Spencer

Spencer T. Clayton is a third year doctoral student in the Public Affairs program at Rutgers-Camden. His research focuses on the impact of local-level redistricting on community development organizations with a special emphasis on the Philadelphia area. At the Walter Rand Institute, he works on statistical and spatial analysis for various projects and researches topics … Read more of Clayton, Spencer

Galey, Matt

Matt Galey completed his undergraduate studies at Rutgers-Camden and majored in Political Science, Criminal Justice, and Philosophy. He worked with the Cumberland County Prevention Project, facilitating the Vineland Breakout Group, during his tenure at WRI. Following graduation, Matt has since begun law school in Maryland.

Hlavka, Reid

Reid graduated from Rutgers-Camden with a psychology degree. He worked as a project assistant with the South Jersey Strengthening Families Initiative. Outside of the Walter Rand Institute, he completed a project under the direction of Dr. Kristin August examining the psychosocial factors related to successful diabetes management. Reid plans to pursue a doctoral degree in … Read more of Hlavka, Reid