NJ Spotlight Publishes Story on WRI Faculty Fellow Study

NJ Spotlight publishes feature story on WRI’s “Our Piece of the Pie.” The research, produced by WRI Faculty Fellow Professor Michael Hayes examines differences in the distribution of state aid to municipalities across New Jersey regions. The full article is available here

WHYY Features “Our Piece of the Pie” Report

WHYY featured WRI Faculty Fellow Michael Hayes’ “Our Piece of the Pie” Report. The report, released at WRI’s Forum About South Jersey, reveals that South Jersey’s poorest municipalities receive significantly less state funding assistance than similar municipalities elsewhere in the state. The full article is available here

WRI Managing Director Featured in NJ Property Tax Article

WRI Managing Director Darren A. Spielman recently discussed New Jersey property taxes in a feature by Rutgers Today as part of their continuing series on the State’s governor’s race.  Both brief and insightful, Dr. Spielman’s responses provided insight into the reasons, potential solutions, and barriers present in considering why New Jersey has the highest property tax rates … Read more of WRI Managing Director Featured in NJ Property Tax Article

CCPYDC Efforts Featured by SNJ Today

The Cumberland County Positive Youth Development Coalition (CCPYDC) was recently featured twice by SNJ Today in conjunction with Cumberland County’s recognition of June as Gun Safety and Violence Awareness Month. On June 23rd, CCPYDC hosted a Corner Store Health event in Bridgeton to help promote health education and to bring gun-safety kits to the community. CCPYDC also hosted … Read more of CCPYDC Efforts Featured by SNJ Today