May 31, 2017    
4:00 pm-6:00 pm


Mullica Hill Branch - Gloucester County Library
389 Wolfert Station Road, Mullica Hill, NJ, 08062

The Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs and the Honorable Mayor Albert B. Kelly will host mayors from across the Southern New Jersey region for a presentation of the report, Is South Jersey Getting its ‘Fair Share’ of Public Goods?

It has long been speculated South Jersey, in comparison to the Central and Northern regions of the State, does not receive a representative share of public funding even after one considers population size and taxable property value. As part of WRl’s mission to address public policy issues impacting Southern New Jersey, the Institute commissioned a study to determine if the “speculation” was valid. In the fall of 2016, WRI Faculty Fellow Shauna Shames, in collaboration with PhD candidate Spencer Clayton, released the report titled, “Is South Jersey Getting its ‘Fair Share’ of Public Goods?”. We should not let this research languish on the shelf.