Research Project Coordinator

Madeliene works as a Research Coordinator leading, managing, and facilitating a variety of projects in the Southern New Jersey region. Madeliene has made significant contributions to WRI’s work as the Lead Collaborative Coordinator for the Evaluation of the Pascale Sykes Foundation’s Strengthening Families Initiative. Madeliene is also the Project Coordinator on the Veterans Serving Veterans project with Rutgers-Camden Nursing, and the evaluation for the Rutgers Office of Research and Economic Development’s Community Design for Health and Wellness project. Madeliene has also designed and led an evaluation of the Child Connection Center’s programming, as well as an evaluation of the Family Strengthening Network’s family advocacy initiative. Madeliene has also played an integral role on the evaluation of the Clayton Model.

Additionally, Madeliene contributed to the dissemination of COVID-19 data and analyses conducted at WRI throughout the pandemic. Most recently, Madeliene has led coordination of Evaluation of the Pascale Sykes Foundation’s Strengthening Families Initiative, and oversees coordination of the Community Health Needs Assessment for the Inspira Health Network.

Prior to WRI, Madeliene was the Lab Manager of the Social Interaction Lab at Rutgers Camden. Madeliene received her BA and MA in Psychology from Rutgers University-Camden. Madeliene has co-authored several peer-reviewed journal articles in Comprehensive Results in Social Psychology, Sex Roles, and the Journal of Health Psychology.