We envision a stronger, healthier region.

We research. We evaluate and analyze. We connect diverse stakeholders with data and evidence-based insights that can help guide informed decisions.

We partner with organizations serving residents; working alongside them to build their capacity or gathering information that is needed to address the complex challenges of our region. We connect the world-class researchers at Rutgers University-Camden with pressing (and emerging) community needs by forging strong academic-community partnerships that seek to improve lives and strengthen communities in South Jersey.




Applied Research, Program Evaluation, Data & Analysis

  • We develop appropriate data questions from stated problems
  • We identify current and needed data sets
  • We collect and analyze data to extract answers or solutions
  • We translate data and findings for use by a broad range of stakeholders
  • We assist in evaluating policies, programs, and organizations for efficiency and quality improvement




Convening, Community Engagement, and Backbone Support

  • We convene, facilitate, and engage community partners on key issues
  • We participate in community discussions to identify policy-relevant research needs
  • We design and implement collaborative efforts to advance shared practices
  • We advance collective impact by providing backbone support to coalitions, initiatives, collaboratives, and groups
  • We use rigorous and sound research methods to gather insights and perspectives about the efficacy of a project, program, or model

Capacity-Building and Technical Assistance

  • We work with data to build upon a research base that is accessible, easy-to-use, and relevant to decision-makers and practitioners
  • We analyze local data and translate findings to produce evidence-based conclusions for stakeholders
  • We evaluate short-and-long term needs for data, programs and processes for efficiency and impact
  • We facilitate vision alignment and help design initiatives,
  • We provide technical assistance to organizations and coalitions


Content Expertise

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