We focus on issues that matter to South Jersey.

We research. We evaluate and analyze. We connect diverse stakeholders with objective research and data to guide informed decisions.

We seek out challenging issues that impact residents, and work to advance the health, safety, and wellbeing of people and communities in South Jersey.



Applied Research, Program Evaluation, Data & Analysis

  • We develop appropriate data questions from stated problems
  • We identify current and needed data sets
  • We collect and analyze data to extract a meaningful answers or solutions
  • Conducting research, collecting and analyzing data, and translating the findings for use by a broad range of stakeholders
  • Evaluating policies, programs, and organizations for efficiency and quality improvement




Convening, Community Engagement, and Backbone Support

  • We convene, facilitate, and engage the community on key issues
  • We participate in community discussions to identify policy-relevant research needs
  • We design and implement collaborative efforts to advance solutions and shared practices
  • We advance collective impact by providing backbone support to coalitions, initiatives, collaboratives, and groups
  • We help guide policy development, program implementation, and organizational growth of local and regional nonprofits

Capacity-Building and Technical Assistance

  • We work with data to build upon a research base that is accessible, easy-to-use, and relevant to decision-makers and practitioners
  • We analyze local data and translate findings to produce evidence-based conclusions for stakeholders
  • We evaluate short-and-long term needs for data, programs and processes for efficiency and impact
  • We facilitate vision alignment and initiative development,
  • We build capacity and provide technical assistance, training and strategic planning


Content Expertise

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