The Walter Rand Institute conducts research, collects and analyzes data, and translates the findings for use by a broad range of stakeholders. We apply this knowledge toward policy development, program implementation, and building the capacity of organizations and communities. In turn, we evaluate policies, programs, and organizations for effectiveness, further contributing to the research base available to decision-makers and practitioners.

Our work connects those who need it with the objective research and guidance necessary to make informed decisions and build sound strategies and operations. WRI’s technical assistance focuses on helping organizations and communities develop strategic approaches and build capacity, focusing on long-term sustainability.

We are also a sought-after backbone organization with a strong history of facilitating collaborative community efforts.

Current Work

Community Data Access Program for South Jersey

The South Jersey Community Data Access Program is a critical component of WRI’s mission to provide stakeholders with information and analysis necessary to better understand and address policy issues impacting the region.

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Community Development Plan for Salem City

WRI is partnering with Stand Up for Salem to create an inclusive community development plan for Salem City.

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Next Generation of Community Leaders Program Evaluation

WRI is conducting a three-year evaluation of a New Jersey Health Initiatives-funded Next Generation of Community Leaders Program at Gateway Community Action Partnership in Bridgeton, NJ.

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South Jersey Strengthening Families Initiative Evaluation

Commissioned by Pascale Sykes Foundation, WRI examines the impact of social service organization collaboration on child well-being, financial stability of families, and relationships between children and their caregivers.

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Public Reports and Resources

Camden City Capacity Building Project
Camden County Community Assessment
Farmland Preservation and Agritourism in South Jersey
Greater Camden Partnership
How Are Businesses Being Affected by the Literacy of Their Workforce?
Smart Growth Forecast for the Counties of Southern New Jersey
Smart Growth Forecast for Three Counties in Southern New Jersey
South Jersey Regional Development Forum
South Jersey Regional Development Forum – A Discussion on the Growth Fit Model
South Jersey Regional Planning
South Jersey’s Views on Sprawl, Development and Regional Identity
Study of the Non-Profit Community in Camden
Towards a Metropolitan Complex: The Camden HUB Smart Growth Report

Related Projects

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