The Senator Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs is dedicated to providing neutral convening and facilitation services that meet the needs of public, private and nonprofit stakeholders. The Institute’s senior staff brings high levels of experience in:

  • Organizing collaborations of diverse organizations and governmental agencies to address sensitive policy problems; 
  • Facilitating discussions regarding public policy issues important to the South Jersey region; 
  • Providing objective leadership for not-for-profit and government groups interested in capacity-building, service delivery systems enhancement and organizational development.

In providing these services, the Institute relies on its research and evaluation resources to provide analytic and empirical input to such discussions. The Institute is committed to the proposition that collaborations and partnerships are the most effective way to address critical issues of policy, management and leadership. Informing these efforts with sound research is essential to constructive processes and outcomes.

The Walter Rand Institute has served as a neutral convener/facilitator for variety of projects, ranging from public safety partnership (pdf file) to smart growth and regional development (pdf file).

For information about these services please contact Gwendolyn Harris at 856-225-6566 or email at