WRI engages in a variety of research, whether collaborative with Faculty members or driven by needs expressed by leaders and community members in the region. This research is then applied to challenge these issues, seek solutions, evaluate current practices or and facilitate change to current practices. Often this research helps to inform policy decisions, or create space for dialogue among stakeholders.



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Are South Jersey school districts prepared for the recession?

To help the state distribute cuts fairly, and to help school districts plan for the future, it is vital that state and local policymakers in South Jersey are aware of the most financially vulnerable school districts in the region. This study provides actionable and pertinent school district funding information.

U.S. Census: Why it Matters.

Today is Census Day! Do your part and get counted. When New Jersey residents are not counted, the state loses resources from the federal government. The census will help New Jersey to receive its fair share of services, federal resources, and political representation in Congress.

Timing County Hospital Bed Shortfall during COVID-19

On March 16, WRI released a research brief comparing estimates of available hospital beds in South Jersey with the likely demand for hospital beds under three coronavirus spread scenarios. This follow-up brief updates the previous model and predicts when demand for hospital beds will first surpass capacity in each of the 21 New Jersey counties.

Regional Health System Shortfalls with a Novel COVID-19 Model

Our ability to respond to COVID-19 depends on our health systems’ capacity to serve people that are sick. And it depends on everyone’s efforts to keep the number of sick people as low as possible. The fewer sick people there are at any given time, the better our health system can care for us.

Seeking Work: The South Jersey Workforce Access Project

In South Jersey, a region challenged by high unemployment and low labor participation rates, the full impact of a declining labor force remains unclear. Research by WRI will help identify barriers to successful employment that both employers and employees face.

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