WRI engages in a variety of research, whether collaborative with Faculty members or driven by needs expressed by leaders and community members in the region. This research is then applied to challenge these issues, seek solutions, evaluate current practices or and facilitate change to current practices. Often this research helps to inform policy decisions, or create space for dialogue among stakeholders.



The Latest

Evaluating New Jersey DCF’s Kinship Navigator Program

WRI is working with the New Jersey Department of Children and Families (DCF) on a training, process and outcome evaluation for New Jersey DCF’s Kinship Navigator Program (KNP). New Jersey’s KNP supports caregivers who have taken on the responsibility of caring for their relatives’ children.

Study seeks to understand region’s workforce challenges

WRI is partnering with the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development and Cooper’s Ferry Partnership to gather valuable information about the region’s workforce. The project, Seeking Work in South Jersey, aims to better understand the barriers facing both employers looking to hire and job seekers looking to connect or re-connect to the workforce.

South Jersey schools and vulnerability to recession: an updated brief

In April 2020, WRI released a report written by Faculty Fellow Michael Hayes examining the 25 largest South Jersey school districts’ financial status and vulnerability to financial recession. This follow up brief examines the financial status of all 179 school districts in southern New Jersey.

Are South Jersey school districts prepared for the recession?

To help the state distribute cuts fairly, and to help school districts plan for the future, it is vital that state and local policymakers in South Jersey are aware of the most financially vulnerable school districts in the region. This study provides actionable and pertinent school district funding information.

U.S. Census: Why it Matters.

Today is Census Day! Do your part and get counted. When New Jersey residents are not counted, the state loses resources from the federal government. The census will help New Jersey to receive its fair share of services, federal resources, and political representation in Congress.

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