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WRI Annual Report ’16-’17

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Fiscal Year ’16 – ’17

Posted January 11, 2018

Is South Jersey Getting its ‘Fair Share’ of Public Goods?

Conducted by WRI Faculty Fellow Shauna Shames and her assistant Spencer T. Clayton, this report investigates multiple differences between counties in three New Jersey regions: North, Central, and South. The report finds striking differences in the provision of public goods across regions, with South Jersey counties on average receiving less state assistance, a smaller share of transportation infrastructure, fewer educational opportunities, and lower rates of public health and safety rates, even when controlling for population, tax rates, demographics, voter turnout, and other key possible causal variables.  The report’s accompanying slides and data-set are available as well.

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Posted January 9, 2018

Don’t Sugarcoat It: Diabetes Prevention Services in Southern New Jersey

Don't Sugarcoat ItConducted by WRI Faculty Fellow Janice M. Beitz, this report acknowledges how New Jersey, especially Southern New Jersey, and the United States are facing a tsunami of diabetes mellitus type 2 development in the next decade.  The core of the report offers busy primary care providers with a resource via a targeted scrutiny of easily identified diabetes prevention services in the region along with extant management services. It can be used by policy makers and other advocates to target needed planning initiatives.  The accompanying presentation slides are available here.

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Posted January 9, 2018

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