WRI engages in a variety of research, whether collaborative with Faculty members or driven by needs expressed by leaders and community members in the region. This research is then applied to challenge these issues, seek solutions, evaluate current practices or and facilitate change to current practices. Often this research helps to inform policy decisions, or create space for dialogue among stakeholders.



The Latest

Seeking Work: The South Jersey Workforce Access Project

In South Jersey, a region challenged by high unemployment and low labor participation rates, the full impact of a declining labor force remains unclear. Research by WRI will help identify barriers to successful employment that both employers and employees face.

CDHW-IRG Funds 14 Innovative Health Projects

CDHW-IRG has provided seed funding to 14 projects, selected through competitive review, that have proposed novel approaches to addressing classic “upstream” issues that can impact health and well-being.

South Jersey Health Needs: Connections, Community, and Care

Loneliness and transportation among the biggest obstacles to health in South Jersey, according to WRI report on health needs.

South Jersey Health Needs: Connections, Community, and Care

Grounded in data collected from two comprehensive community health needs assessments across five counties, WRI presents an important finding about health in South Jersey.

WRI Annual Report 2017-2018


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