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Researchers update on need for more hospital beds in New Jersey

Posted 8:50 am March 30, 2020

Study: New Jersey Needs 100,000 Hospital Beds Or More As Cases Rise Above 4,000

Posted 11:50 am March 27, 2020

When will coronavirus peak in NJ? Spread means every county will face a hospital bed shortage

Posted 11:46 am March 27, 2020

NJ hospitals will reach capacity by May, Rutgers study warns

Posted 11:44 am March 27, 2020

How soon will N.J. hospitals hit capacity due to coronavirus? Some could be there in just days.

Posted 11:38 am March 27, 2020

Rutgers Report Estimates NJ Hospitals Could Be Tens of Thousands of Beds Short

Posted 11:21 am March 27, 2020

Timing County Hospital Bed Shortfall during COVID-19

Posted 1:34 pm March 26, 2020

New Jersey Scrambles to Expand Hospital Capacity Before Expected Coronavirus Surge

Posted 9:44 am March 23, 2020

Research expert: Social distancing may actually help limit coronavirus spread in South Jersey, given enough time

Posted 9:31 am March 23, 2020

Haunted by Italy scenario, N.J. rushes to add hospital beds

Posted 9:24 am March 23, 2020

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