The tracker plots new cases and deaths in counties across New Jersey. It is updated twice per week.


Municipal Variation in COVID-19 Case Rates in New Jersey

Safeguarding health, improving the economy, and promoting wellness will require decisions about how to mobilize and allocate assets across the state. Organizations are advocating for resources in their local service areas, and government and philanthropic leaders are creating programs that aim to allocate resources equitably. With the goal of providing information to aid these decisions, this brief describes the timeline of COVID-19 progression at the municipality-level across New Jersey.

Community Conversations: New Jersey’s COVID-19 Storytelling Project

WRI is partnering on a statewide, collective ethnography designed to gather and transform the personal accounts of New Jersey residents, especially those who have faced increased marginalization or greater risk as a result of the pandemic, into the building blocks of a more resilient, compassionate and Healthy New Jersey.

WRI Working Paper: Listening, Providing, Evolving

Given the uncertainty that families face because of the public health and economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, direct service work has become indispensable. WRI developed a qualitative evaluation project early in the pandemic to examine the range of responses from a group of direct service organizations as they acknowledged, responded to, and worked to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic on the families and communities they serve.

Population Health & Wellness

Providing data on health in populations and communities to guide informed decisions.

Criminal Justice & Public Safety

Connecting residents with information and support for safe communities.

Community Development

Helping organizations and communities think strategically and grow in collaborative ways.