The tracker plots new cases and deaths in counties across New Jersey. It is updated twice per week.

Population Health & Wellness

Providing data on health in populations and communities to guide informed decisions.

Criminal Justice & Public Safety

Connecting residents with information and support for safe communities.

Community Development

Helping organizations and communities plan strategically and grow in collaborative ways.



Gaining perspective on civic engagement

WRI is partnering with the NJ YMCA State Alliance (NJYSA) to better understand the perspectives of young people and stakeholders about building youth civic engagement in their communities through focus groups and interviews conducted with youth, young adults, and stakeholders. NJYSA initiated this project to learn more about how it could improve service delivery and increase civic engagement among young people.

Local Environments and Influence on COVID-19 Mortality

Why is mortality so high in some counties compared to other counties? Is it because of long term care facilities? Population age? Pre-existing conditions? Proximity to big cities? Or is it related to community-level factors, like poverty, race and ethnicity, or community cohesion? A new study led by WRI Faculty Director Sarah Allred and Emily Greenfield, an associate professor of social work at Rutgers University–New Brunswick, will seek to understand these patterns, not just at the county level, but also at the municipality level.   

Preparing HeroCare Connect for the Future

HeroCare Connect is a partnership of Deborah Heart and Lung Center and Cooper University Health Care serving veterans, active duty, and retired military and their families. Since March 2020, WRI, along with consultants who bring expertise on the population and legislative aspect of this project, have been assisting with aligning the program goals with the MISSION Act to become a model of specialty health care service for veterans, active duty, and retired military in the area


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