Current Research Projects

Social Services Delivery

Social Services Delivery

Assessing New Jersey State Library’s Social Work Informed Library Services Pilot Program

Partner: New Jersey State Library

County: Middlesex, Monmouth, Somerset, and Southern New Jersey

WRI is evaluating the impact of integrating social workers within libraries to understand how social workers engage with the community. This approach is aimed at improving community services and supporting vulnerable populations more effectively.

The Impact of Family Advocates and Addressing Social Determinants of Health for Low-Income Families

Partners: South Jersey Institute for Population Health, Family Strengthening Network, Rowan University

County: Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem

WRI is conducting research to better understand the impact of Family Advocates, barriers faced in addressing social determinants of health, and low-income families’ recommendations for improved service delivery.

Evaluation of Harambe Social Services’ Youth Wellness Program

Partner: Harambe Social Services

County: Camden

WRI is evaluating the impact of the expanded Health and Wellness Program on young people ages 13-18 years old who experienced or witnessed domestic violence.



Outlining Public Transportation Priorities and Recommendations of Camden County Communities

Partner: Rutgers New Jersey State Policy Lab

County: Camden

WRI will identify community priorities and policy recommendations around addressing transportation gaps in Camden County.

Food Security

Food Security

Research Partnership with Camden City Food Security Collective

Partner: Camden Food Security Collective (supported by Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers and Food Bank of South Jersey)

County: Camden

WRI is a research partner for the Camden Food Security Collective, which aims to address food insecurity and equity in Camden City. WRI is supporting the development of research goals, evaluation of initiatives, and tracking shared metrics. 

Opioid Epidemic - Substance Use

Opioid Epidemic – Substance Use

Evaluation of the Camden Coalition’s Medical Legal Partnership at the Cooper Center for Healing in Camden City

Partner: Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, Cooper Center for Healing

County: Camden (Camden City)

WRI is assessing how the Medical Legal Partnership initiative is meeting the needs of its population experiencing addiction in Camden City and surrounding communities.

Evaluation of Burlington County First Responders-Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Support Services Act (FR-CARA) Programs

Partner: Burlington County

County: Burlington

WRI is aiding in the evaluation of the FR-CARA program for Burlington County. The purpose of this program is to provide resources to first responders and members of other key community sectors to train, carry, and administer FD&C Act approved drugs and devices for emergency reversal of known or suspected opioid overdoses. 

Research Support for Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office Comprehensive Opioid, Stimulant, and Substance Abuse Program

Partner: Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office

County: Burlington

WRI is creating and implementing an evaluation plan to assess processes and outcomes for three initiatives, whose goals are to provide Burlington County residents with more resources and peer recovery support for those at risk or who have experienced an overdose.

Overdose Fatality Review Team Evaluation

Partner: Burlington County Overdose Fatality Review Team

County: Burlington

WRI will serve as the County’s independent, objective research partner to organize and analyze data with the overall goal of providing recommendations for future efforts in the opioid and public health space.

Overdose Fatality Review Team Evaluation

Partner: Cumberland County Overdose Fatality Review Team

County: Cumberland

WRI is serving as the County’s research partner for their assessment to better understand the factors that contribute to overdose and substance use disorders. This information will then be used to improve their substance use and mental health case management and services to reduce overdose fatalities.

Public-Population Health

Public-Population Health

Inspira Health Community Health Needs Assessment for 2023-2024

Partner: Inspira Health

County: Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem

WRI is conducting Community Health Needs Assessments in Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem counties to provide actional information for improving health at the community level.

NJACCHO Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis

Partner: New Jersey Association of County & City Health Officials

County: Statewide

WRI is gathering data from health officials across the State of New Jersey to help support the development of NJACCHO’s strategic plan. NJACCHO works to improve the health of communities by strengthening and advocating for local health departments.

Atlantic County Community Health Workers Coalition Assessment

Partner: Community Health Worker (CHW) Coalition

County: Atlantic

WRI is partnering with the Atlantic County Community Health Worker Coalition to aid in data collection and analysis in order to map community health needs by geographic location and tailor community health worker training to meet those needs in Atlantic County.

A Research Investigation to Examine the Factors Impacting Colorectal Screening Rates for Communities of Color

Partner: South Jersey Institute for Population Health

County: Cumberland and Salem

WRI is conducting research to understand the existing strengths, barriers, and recommendations around healthcare providers’ knowledge and understanding of colorectal screening eligibility as well as learn from high-risk patients receiving colorectal cancer screenings.



Clayton Model Expansion and Evaluation

Partner: New Jersey Department of Education

County: Gloucester

WRI is evaluating the expansion of the Clayton Model in New Jersey schools. The Clayton Model is a school-based, social-emotional learning program that serves all students within the school regardless of classification.

Gun Violence

Gun Violence

Developing a Culturally Congruent Survey to Study Trauma, Gun Violence, and Health among Black Men

Partners: South Jersey Institute for Population Health, Center for Family Services

County: South Jersey-wide

WRI and its partners are developing and piloting a culturally congruent health survey that measures individual, community, and institutional adversities experienced by Black men injured by firearms in South Jersey.

Rutgers Research Partnerships

Rutgers Research Partnerships

Evaluation of the National Science Foundation Broader Impacts

Partner: Rutgers University-Camden faculty – Maria E. Solesio

WRI is conducting an evaluation to investigate the impact on students participating in a Rutgers University-Camden class to better understand if their interest in pursuing a career in STEM changes as a result.

Division of Diversity, Inclusion, and Civic Engagement (DICE) DEI Needs Assessment

Partner: Rutgers University-Camden Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Civic Engagement

WRI is conducting a needs assessment to provide the Division of Diversity, Inclusion, and Civic Engagement with a baseline for Rutgers University-Camden community’s “readiness” for current and future Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programming.

NSF National Review Training (NRT) Center for Computational and Integrative Biology (CCIB)

Partner: Rutgers University-Camden faculty Grace Brannigan

WRI is evaluating the success of research and traineeship activities for the Center for Computation and Integrative Biology to improve student outcomes for trainees, along with understanding the impact on faculty teaching and research.

Evaluation of the HHMI DEI in STEM Project

Partner: Rutgers University-Camden

WRI will engage in a mixed method evaluation to examine the impact of RUC-DC efforts to drive cultural and structural changes in identified barriers to STEM success for typically underrepresented students through the Driving Change STEM Institute and the Scholars Program.