External Research Partners

External Partners

WRI conducts research in and for South Jersey and specializes in highlighting community voice in its research: residents, social services providers, the business, medical, and educational communities–anyone who lives, works, and engages in the region. In its approach, WRI is conscious of individuals that might not be included in traditional research methods because of barriers and works with partners to ensure that their perspectives are included, e.g., non-English speakers, older individuals, low-income individuals, LGBTQIA+ populations, and Veterans.  

We typically employ a mixed-methods approach to our research and feel strongly that qualitative research is a critical tool for developing sound policy and practice. WRI excels in this area–most of our research projects have a strong qualitative element.This methodology allows us to further contextualize quantitative data, identify success stories, barriers, and gaps, and make recommendations. It also allows us to capture community voice across gender, race, language, socioeconomic status, age, and other lines of difference.  

We also support organizations in analyzing and understanding their data to help drive their internal decision-making and strategic planning activities. The Walter Rand Institute is one of very few research institutes in the State that brings qualitative research to the forefront for policymakers and key stakeholders to facilitate data-driven and community-informed decisions. 

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