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A Center for Applied Research, A Venue for Community Dialogue 

WRI partners with State and local government agencies, legislators, faculty, and community organizations to conduct community-based research and evaluations that support the shared goal of a healthy, thriving South Jersey. From transportation and education, to the opioid epidemic, transportation, food insecurity, and housing, WRI works hand in hand with partners to answer pressing questions about social issues, forging strong academic-community partnerships that seek to improve lives and strengthen communities across the region.   

Within the university, WRI also lends its research expertise to projects that impact and amplify the university’s goals, mentors and trains students in community-facing research, and provides dynamic pathways for faculty to engage in South Jersey-based research.  

External Research Partners

The Walter Rand Institute collaborates with organizations, agencies, legislators, and others to research community issues. WRI can also support individual organizations in better understanding and interpreting their own data to drive decision-making and strategic planning activities.  


Student engagement is at the very foundation of the Walter Rand Institute’s work. WRI works directly with students on research projects, supports the research interests of students through scholarships and fellowships, and provides exciting opportunities for students to produce impactful content for public audiences across the region and State.  


The Walter Rand Institute collaborates with faculty on South Jersey-based research projects, supports university-wide research needs, and offers a range of other engagement opportunities.

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