Gain real-world experience, join the team! 

As a teaching, training, and experiential learning lab for community-facing research, engaging students at Rutgers-Camden is at the very foundation of WRI’s work. WRI works directly with students on research projects, supports the research interests of students through scholarships and fellowships, and provides exciting opportunities for students to produce impactful written materials for public audiences across the region and State.  

Student Staff Positions 

Students who join WRI research teams learn about community-facing research and have the opportunity to support the development of data collection instruments, engage in data collection across the State and in the South Jersey community, and support written and oral research project deliverables.  

Endowed Graduate Scholarship for Southern New Jersey Initiatives 

In an effort to produce more original research about Southern New Jersey while enhancing the education and professional experiences of Rutgers University-Camden students, the Senator Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs created the endowed Graduate Scholarship for Southern New Jersey Initiatives. Open to any Rutgers-Camden graduate student in good standing, this scholarship supports students as they conduct research centered on the Southern New Jersey region. Each year, WRI and members of the WRI Advisory Board will select a Graduate Scholar who demonstrates growing interest and expertise in research relevant to the region.  

Senator Walter Rand Institute Research Scholarships 

In 2023, WRI launched brand-new Senator Walter Rand Institute Research Scholarships that will support students in building upon their research skills and realizing their commitment to amplifying research questions in Southern New Jersey.  

Contact Kristin Curtis, Associate Director of Research (, to learn more about openings for any of the opportunities above.