Our Mission

WRI exists to improve lives and communities in South Jersey.


Our Values

We are one team, one organization with one mission.
        • Our commitment to the mission of WRI is shared and guides the work that we accomplish as a team with a common purpose.
        • We work together to support each other, to find solutions, to develop ideas, to get things done
We strive to treat everyone with humility and respect.
        • It’s a foundational principal that guides all that we do internally and in the communities that we serve.
        • Each voice is valued and respected as a unique and important point of view.
We speak up and listen with intent.
        • Our team fosters an environment of sharing. Everyone speaks up.
        • Ideas are the lifeblood of WRI and we encourage critical minds to join us: Share what is right; what you see wrong and your solutions.
We deliver.
        • We mobilize and meet deadlines.
        • We strive for high-quality, timely and effective results–for our clients, for our partners, and for each other