Endowed Graduate Research Award

Description of Award

The Senator Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs (WRI) addresses public policy issues impacting Southern New Jersey through applied research, community engagement and organizational development. Primary content areas are population health, criminal justice and public safety, and organizational and community development. In an effort to encourage and support more original research about Southern New Jersey, WRI has created a Graduate Summer Research Award and is seeking applicants for an award in Summer 2018. Interested Ph.D. candidates are encouraged to discuss potential research ideas with their advisor, and to consult with Sarah Allred, Faculty Director of WRI, about whether a potential project would benefit from collaboration and support by WRI. Applicants are encouraged to read about past research projects on WRI’s website; some previous topics include juvenile delinquency prevention, prisoner re-entry, population health and wellness, smart regional growth and economic development, strengthening families and youth success, and enabling community access to data to facilitate evidence-based decisions.

Ideal proposals will extend a PhD student’s existing dissertation project to include either a Southern New Jersey population, a geographic region in Southern New Jersey, or a topic of particular concern to residents of Southern New Jersey. Award amounts are around $3000. Recipients may apply for Awards in subsequent years. To complete projects, Award recipients may also utilize existing WRI operational and community resources. The Award is distributed as additional compensation during the summer.



Upon appointment, Award recipients are expected to submit a timeline for completion of the research project. Upon completion of the research project, Award recipients are also expected to present their results at a Forum organized by WRI. In addition, Fellowship recipients are expected to attend the Walter and Leah Rand Awards and Scholarship dinner, held annually in late April or early May.



Interested candidates should begin to think about potential projects and attend an informal lunch at WRI during the free period on February 5th, 2018. At this lunch, candidates will learn more about WRI and the application process, and candidates will have the opportunity to meet the organizers of the WRI Graduate Research Award.

Students interested in attending the lunch on February 5th should email WRI Faculty Director Sarah Allred at srallred@camden.rutgers.edu by Friday, February 2nd.