Preparing HeroCare Connect for the Future

HeroCare Connect is a partnership of Deborah Heart and Lung Center and Cooper University Health Care serving veterans, active duty, and retired military and their families. Since March 2020, WRI, along with consultants who bring expertise on the population and legislative aspect of this project, have been assisting with aligning the program goals with the MISSION Act to become a model of specialty health care service for veterans, active duty, and retired military in the area

Partnering to assess human services needs in Burlington and Salem Counties

Every two years, counties are required by the New Jersey Department of Children and Families (DCF) to study community needs and evaluate current services using both a quantitative and qualitative approach. This year, WRI is partnering with the Human Services Advisory Councils (HSAC) in Burlington and Salem Counties to assess the strength of current services for children and families and identify local needs.

WRI denounces racism, stands in solidarity.

Senator Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs denounces all forms of racism. We are outraged and saddened by the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless others, along with systemic injustices against Black people and people of color in our country. At WRI, Black Lives Matter. Brown Lives Matter.

Are South Jersey school districts prepared for the recession?

To help the state distribute cuts fairly, and to help school districts plan for the future, it is vital that state and local policymakers in South Jersey are aware of the most financially vulnerable school districts in the region. This study provides actionable and pertinent school district funding information.

COVID-19 Daily Tracker

WRI plots the progress of COVID-19 across counties in New Jersey. The plots, inspired by those at the New York Times, show deaths (y-axis) on a logarithmic scale over time (x-axis). A logarithmic scale shows different growth rates as lines of different steepness.