Rand Institute Faculty Fellows are distinguished Rutgers–Camden Faculty who focus their research on topics that pertain to the Southern New Jersey Region. Their research is then presented as part of our Rand Institute Forum Series on Southern New Jersey.  The forum series is aimed at fostering further discussion and research on issues that impact Southern New Jersey.

Recipients of Rand Faculty Fellowships


Michael S. Hayes, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
“Our Piece of the Pie : The Distribution of State Funds to Municipalities Across New Jersey Regions” (.pdf)
Accompanying presentation slides (.pdf)


Dr. Janice Beitz, School of Nursing
Don’t Sugarcoat It: Diabetes Prevention Services in Southern NJ” (.pdf)
Accompanying presentation slides (.pdf)

Dr. Shauna Shames, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Is South Jersey Getting its ‘Fair Share’ of Public Goods?” (.pdf)
Accompanying presentations slides (.pdf)
Research data-set (.dta)


Dr. Bernadette West, School of Public Health
“Public Health Coalitions in South Jersey” (.pdf)


Dr. Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
“Changes Across the Region: People, Economy, and Well Being” (.pdf)


Dr. Robert E. Wood, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
“Farmland Preservation and Agritourism in South Jersey” (.pdf)

Dr. Christine Thurlow Brenner, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
“Nuevos Residentes: Local Government Responsiveness in the New Latino Designations”

Damon Y. Smith, Esq., School of Law–Camden
“Eminent Domain and the Constitutionality of Local Redevelopment Planning”


Dr. Jeffery M. Dorwart, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
“South Jersey @ War, 1630-2003”

Dr. Patrice Mareschal, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
“New Jersey’s Emerging Crisis in Long-Term Direct Care”

Dr. Chester S. Spell, School of Business–Camden
“The Role of Employers in the Mental Health of Employees”


Dr. Sharon Gramby-Sobukwe, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
“Who Cares for the Urban Poor? Changing Race, Class and Religious Dynamics in The Role of The African-American Church in Civil Society” (.pdf)

Dr. Julie Kendall, School of Business–Camden
“Web Site Metaphors and Evolutionary Development: An Analysis of the Web Presence of Southern New Jersey Nonprofit Theatres” (.pdf)

Dr. Sheila Cosminsky, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
“Obesity in Hispanic Migrant Children in South Jersey” (.pdf)


Dr. Ted Goertzel, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
“Public Opinion on Sprawl and Smart Growth In Southern New Jersey” (.pdf)

Dr. Russell Harrison, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
“How Bad Are At-Large Elections? At-Large Elections, School Size, and Inequality of Science Proficiencies”


Professor Sheila Foster, School of Law–Camden
“To Devolve and Collaborate: Examining Community-Based Environmental Decision Making”

Dr. Drew Humphries, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
“Drug Court in Camden: Toward a Research Proposal” (.pdf)

Dr. Jon VanTil, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
“Associations of Assets in the Urban Community: A Study of Two Inner-City Neighborhoods In Camden” (.pdf)