Studies and Reports

WRI collaborates with community organizations, leaders, nonprofits, and foundations to advance research around critical issues affecting residents and communities. Additionally, WRI hosts forums and educational events to share this information and encourage dialogue and discussion of issues.

Title Author Area Year
CHNA: Executive Summary Sarah Allred, Ph.D. Population Health 2019
Community Health Needs Assessment Sarah Allred, Ph.D. Population Health 2019
REvolvesolution Model: Report WRI, Financial Wellness Institute, Land Dimensions Engineering Community Development 2018
Turning Toxic Liabilities into Community Assets: Report Paul Smith, WRI;
Wanda P. Hardy, Financial Wellness Institute; Theresa DiVietro, Land Dimensions Engineering; Jody Velez, Stand Up for Salem; Kimberly Ayers, Ph.D., Cumberland County Improvement Authority
Community Development 2018
Housing in South Jersey: A Regional Brief WRI Community Development 2016
Our Piece of the Pie: Executive Summary Michael S. Hayes, Ph.D. Community Development 2016
Our Piece of the Pie: Full Presentation Michael S. Hayes, Ph.D. Research 2016
South Jersey PARCC Results 2014-2015: Brief WRI Community Development 2016
South Jersey Health: A Snapshot WRI Population Health 2016
Changes Across the Region: People, Economy, and Well-Being Report Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn, Ph.D. Community Development 2014
Public Health Coalitions in South Jersey Bernadette West, Ph.D. Population Health 2014

Strategic Planning and Evaluation

A critical piece of successful programming is ongoing evaluation. WRI partners with a wide range of local and regional organizations and municipalities to evaluate programs, services, initiatives, and resources working to advance public good. WRI is skilled in helping organizations and nonprofits better align for mission success and impact.

Evaluation Area Year
What the End of DACA Means for New Jersey: Brief Criminal Justice & Public Safety 2017
Southern NJ County Health Data and Rankings Population Health 2014
Camden County Community: Assessment Population Health 2004
Half a Year Crime of Crime in Camden City: Analysis Criminal Justice & Public Safety 2006
Curfew Projects in 5 Cities: Analysis Criminal Justice & Public Safety
Burlington County Literacy Needs Assessment: Analysis Population Health 2007
2014-2015 PARCC Results for South Jersey: Brief Population Health 2016
Measuring Outcomes of Juvenile Reentry Services: Abstract Organizational Development
Strategy for Safe Streets & Neighborhoods: Overview Criminal Justice & Public Safety

WRI Faculty Fellow Research

WRI Faculty Fellows are distinguished Rutgers University-Camden Faculty who focus their research on topics that impact the southern New Jersey region. Once completed, their research is presented as part of WRI’s ongoing forum series for South Jersey. Forums aim to create awareness, educate stakeholders and foster further discussion and research on issues relevant to the people of South Jersey.

Dr. Bernadette West, School of Public Health
Dr. Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Christine Thurlow Brenner, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

“Nuevos Residentes: Local Government Responsiveness in the New Latino Designations”

Damon Y. Smith, Esq., School of Law–Camden

“Eminent Domain and the Constitutionality of Local Redevelopment Planning”

Dr. Jeffery M. Dorwart, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

“South Jersey @ War, 1630-2003”

Dr. Patrice Mareschal, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

“New Jersey’s Emerging Crisis in Long-Term Direct Care”

Dr. Chester S. Spell, School of Business–Camden

“The Role of Employers in the Mental Health of Employees”

Dr. Sheila Cosminsky, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Ted Goertzel, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Russell Harrison, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

“How Bad Are At-Large Elections? At-Large Elections, School Size, and Inequality of Science Proficiencies”

Professor Sheila Foster, School of Law–Camden

“To Devolve and Collaborate: Examining Community-Based Environmental Decision Making”

Dr. Drew Humphries, Faculty of Arts and Sciences