Regional Health System Shortfalls with a Novel COVID-19 Model 

Authors: Sarah R. Allred, Sean T. McQuade, Nathaniel J. Merrill, Benedetto Piccoli, Darren Spielman, Carla Villacis, Ross Whiting, Aayush Yadav, Douglas Zacher, Devon Ziminski  Estimating when the peak need for hospital beds will occur, the number of available hospital beds in each county, and by how much the demand for hospital beds will exceed capacity… continue reading

Are South Jersey School Districts prepared for the next recession? All South Jersey school districts – Updated October 2020 

Authors: Michael Hayes, PhD, Community Organization and Development  This study examines the current financial condition of school districts in southern New Jersey and also identifies those school districts that are most financially vulnerable to a potential economic downturn This follow up brief examines the financial status of all 179 school districts in southern New Jersey.