Community Conversations: Pandemic Perspectives, New Jersey’s COVID-19 Storytelling Project 

Authors: Kristin Curtis, Devon Ziminski, Carla Villacis, Martha Carey, Kiersten Westley Henson, Helen Ard, MA, Richard Duran, Amanda Ekelburg, Trista Harig, Joseph Mendoza-Martinez, Mary Mitsdarffer, Lili Razi, Benjamin Rudolph, Ummulkhayer Sameha, Priyal Shah, Michelle Lyttle Storrod This report provides overview, context, and summarized findings from participants in New Jersey who shared their personal experiences as… continue reading

Municipal Variation in COVID-19 Case Rates in New Jersey

Authors: Sarah R. Allred, Yuqi Wang, Aayush Yadav, Ryan Pletcher, Trista Harig, Benjamin Rudolph, Shwetal Sharma, Emily Rankin, Shibin Yan, Ummulkhayer Sameha, George Arthur, Sachin Saxena, Emily Greenfield, Community Organization and Development  With the goal of providing information to aid these decisions, this brief describes the timeline of COVID-19 progression at the municipality-level across New… continue reading

Timing County Hospital Bed Shortfall during COVID-19 

Authors: Sarah R. Allred*^, Darren Spielman*, Kristin Curtis, Kristin Kelly, Sean T. McQuade^, Nathaniel J. Merrill,^ Benedetto Piccoli^, Ryan Pletcher, Shwetal Sharma, Carla Villacis, Ross Whiting, Aayush Yadav^, Doug Zacher, Devon Ziminski (* Corresponding authors, ^ Math modeling)  This follow-up brief updates the previous COVID-19 model and predicts when demand for hospital beds will first… continue reading