Community Conversations: Pandemic Perspectives, New Jersey’s COVID-19 Storytelling Project 

Authors: Kristin Curtis, Devon Ziminski, Carla Villacis, Martha Carey, Kiersten Westley Henson, Helen Ard, MA, Richard Duran, Amanda Ekelburg, Trista Harig, Joseph Mendoza-Martinez, Mary Mitsdarffer, Lili Razi, Benjamin Rudolph, Ummulkhayer Sameha, Priyal Shah, Michelle Lyttle Storrod This report provides overview, context, and summarized findings from participants in New Jersey who shared their personal experiences as… continue reading

Evaluation of Pascale Sykes’ South Jersey Strengthening Families Initiative

From 2012 to 2022, WRI conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the implementation of the Pascale Sykes Foundation’s Strengthening Families Initiative across multiple nonprofit interagency collaborations in Southern New Jersey. This Initiative was centered on The Whole Family Approach, a preventative, family-led strategy that provided adults and children tools to set, plan for, and achieve goals… continue reading