Evaluation of Pascale Sykes’ South Jersey Strengthening Families Initiative

From 2012 to 2022, WRI conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the implementation of the Pascale Sykes Foundation’s Strengthening Families Initiative across multiple nonprofit interagency collaborations in Southern New Jersey. This Initiative was centered on The Whole Family Approach, a preventative, family-led strategy that provided adults and children tools to set, plan for, and achieve goals… continue reading

Southern New Jersey Economic Landscape Data Story

Authors: Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Senator Walter Rand Institute of Public Affairs The data story provides context and background for how southern New Jersey’s economy has shifted and evolved, highlighting the region’s most recent economic indicators and population trends in each of its eight counties.

Municipal Variation in COVID-19 Case Rates in New Jersey

Authors: Sarah R. Allred, Yuqi Wang, Aayush Yadav, Ryan Pletcher, Trista Harig, Benjamin Rudolph, Shwetal Sharma, Emily Rankin, Shibin Yan, Ummulkhayer Sameha, George Arthur, Sachin Saxena, Emily Greenfield, Community Organization and Development  With the goal of providing information to aid these decisions, this brief describes the timeline of COVID-19 progression at the municipality-level across New… continue reading

Camden, NJ: A New View

National Evaluation: Public Art Challenge 2019-2021 EvaluationLocal Assessment: A New View – Camden, NJ Authors: Kristin Kelly, Devon Ziminski, Carla Villacis, Lili Razi, Shibin Yan The City of Camden partnered with the Camden Community Partnership, Rutgers-Camden Center for the Arts, and curators to transform 6 illegal dumping sites alongside major transportation hubs into venues for… continue reading

Timing County Hospital Bed Shortfall during COVID-19 

Authors: Sarah R. Allred*^, Darren Spielman*, Kristin Curtis, Kristin Kelly, Sean T. McQuade^, Nathaniel J. Merrill,^ Benedetto Piccoli^, Ryan Pletcher, Shwetal Sharma, Carla Villacis, Ross Whiting, Aayush Yadav^, Doug Zacher, Devon Ziminski (* Corresponding authors, ^ Math modeling)  This follow-up brief updates the previous COVID-19 model and predicts when demand for hospital beds will first… continue reading